Animal Adoption Facts

It is a MYTH that shelters are filled with pets which are bad, NOT TRUE, these pets are just the result of family tragedies or unlucky circumstances.

It is a Myth that shelter pets have higher Vet bills — on the contrary, because of less in-breeding, shelter pets have lower inherited genetic diseases, and therefore overall lower vet bills.

4 Million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year due to over-population.

25-35 percent of all pets in shelters are pure-bred.

Most animal welfare agencies provide adoption counseling to help match you with the right pet.

Check out breed-specific rescue groups if your choice is a pure-bred pet.

77.5 Million dogs in the United States.

93.6 Million cats in the United States.

20 percent of all dogs and cats were adopted from animal shelters.

75 percent of all dogs are spayed or neutered.

85 percent of all cats are spayed or neutered.

– per American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.