Animal Based Charities works solely on your donations. Without your kind gifts we could never make the difference we have made. Over 4500 animals have made their way to forever homes through your donations. Please consider Animal Based Charities in your future gift giving. Below are just a few ways you can continue to help the abandoned animals in Hillsborough County. Remember Animal Based Charities supports over 130 animal rescue groups.

  • A one time donation
  • Monthly Sponsor: Monthly recurring donation
  • Web site sponsor: Your LOGO on every page
  • Donation matching contest
  • Pet Food Drive
  • Donation Drive for the Thrift Store
  • Sponsor an evening at the Thrift Store of shopping
  • Estate Gift
  • Create your own sponsorship idea

Event Sponsorship: Sponsor an Adoption Event. Save 100 animals in one afternoon.

Costs of sponsorships are largely based on the following criteria

Total Projected Attendance and Demographic of Attendance  – Distribution or Sampling at the Event
Media Coverage prior to and after the Event   –  Estimated after-event marketing opportunities

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